Giant machinery of the mining industry

Reliable and Safe Special Lubricants for the Mining Industry

Mining Lubricants

Mining involves very high stresses and strains for both machinery and lubricants. Vibrations, long-term operation and a dusty environment feature particularly tough lubrication conditions. Safety is also always of the highest priority in this industry. In order to ensure smooth and trouble-free operation, it is essential to use high-quality lubricants against wear and tear, friction and corrosion.

TUNAP manufactures a well-proven range of lubricants, cleaning agents and surface protection products for use in this industry. These products are of the highest degree of safety, for example, our aerosols contain non-inflammable propellant gasses.

TUNAP products thus contribute greatly to improving machinery service life, extending service intervals and improving profitability as well as keeping risks as low as possible for your staff.